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Technology Training, E-Learning and Documentation for New York Law Firms

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About Me

Hi!  My name is Marion Deland, and this site is about technology training, specifically in large, global law firms. I hope it stimulates ideas, helps you learn something new, and that you'll consider allowing me to help you with your future training decisions and projects.

I was born in Adelaide, Australia, but I've spent almost my entire adult life in New York City.  I've worked in publications and technology training most of that time; like a lot of trainers, I fell into it almost by accident, and found I loved it. Then I discovered law firms, and found that I loved that, too.

I prefer the term "learning," actually.  (You train dogs; people you help to learn.) I've worked as a consultant, as a trainer, and as a manager, both of training overall, and of documentation and e-learning. Most importantly, I can think.  I can see the big picture as well as the details, and come up with outside-the-box solutions to all kinds of training-related issues.

To learn more about me professionally, click My Resume.  To learn more about me personally, click http://www.marionsnewyork.com.

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Let's talk about...

Learning styles

Classroom Training

Productive E-Learning

Comparing authors - TutorAuthor vs. Captivate

Writing Good Documentation

Conducting successful webinars



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My tip for the day

Outlook: If you receive a message announcing a meeting, and you want to add it to your Calendar, just drag it to the Calendar navigation button.  You�ll need to change the date and time, which will default to the current date and time.

Click here to see "30 tips in 30 minutes"

Contact Information for Deland Global Learning Services

(212) 369-8131
Postal address
345 East 93rd St., #26E, New York  NY  10128


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