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Checking a Document out of iManage

1.    Every time you open a document, iManage considers it 'checked out' to your computer. Each time you save it, it is saved locally on your computer. It is not 'checked in' and saved back to iManage until you close the document.
There is also a 'check out/ check in' feature designed to allow you to use the document while traveling, and that's what we'll cover here.
In the Document window, right-click the document you wish to check out, and choose ‘Check Out.’

2.    In the ‘Checkout’ dialog box, the'Integrated Check Out' option saves the document in a specific folder on your hard disk, which iManage recognizes for easy check-in. 
If this option is not selected, you can use the 'Browse' button to save the document elsewhere on your computer.

3.    Click ‘OK’ to check the document out.

4.    The document is now listed in the ‘Checked-out Documents’ folder.