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Technology Training, E-Learning and Documentation for New York Law Firms

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This page is currently under construction.  Don't expect all the links to work!

Work Samples

I take pride in my expertise in documentation and authoring of e-learning materials.  The examples here show different approaches to a single topic - adding formulas to a table in Microsoft Word 2003.  Click a link to see the tutorial or guide.

E-learning - TutorPro
This "skill" (TutorPro's word) was developed in TutorAuthor.  Some actions are done for the user, to save time. If you haven't used TutorPro before, note that you may need to click the "Next" button in the instruction box to move forward.  While TutorPro has a "slideshow" option to allow it to run automatically, it is not turned on in this XML version.

E-Learning - Captivate
This lesson was developed in Adobe's Captivate.  Captivate lessons run on a timer, so if you don't actually have to do anything in the screen, it will eventually move to the next screen.

Documentation - Online Help
To create Windows-style online help, I am testing a trial version of Madcap Flare.  Because it is a trial version, it may have random characters inserted.  When I replace it with a permanent version of either Flare or RoboHelp (from Adobe), the text will be correct.
Documentation - Word tip
Quick Reference Guides are common in most legal training departments.  I like to include an "overview" section at the beginning, so tech-savvy lawyers can find the answers for themselves if they wish. This one has some Word "comments" added.
PowerPoint presentation
To come...
'Talking head' e-learning
To come...


Last modified: 04/28/08