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Technology Training, E-Learning and Documentation for New York Law Firms

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Client Testimonials

Michael S Schler
Technology Training Supervisor, Morrison & Foerster LLP, New York

"Marion Deland is a fabulous technology trainer. She was a great help through the month of October 2007 when I was bogged down creating, giving, and scoring assessments. She jumped in to teach classes in Styles, MacPac Numbering Schemes, and Table Formatting. The classes filled up quickly and all who attended had nothing but compliments for Marionís teaching style and her helpfulness. Everyone, including myself, learned a lot from Marionís classes. Still today, my students keep asking when will Marion be back. They love her teaching style."

Jennifer A. Cadieux, TutorPro North American Sales Manager

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marion Deland for numerous projects, which include client training for TutorEnterprise and authoring e-Learning on TutorProís behalf. Her professionalism and thoroughness are something we value, Marion is a self starter and dependable. Marion also makes learning fun (!) according to our clients. I look forward to continuing the relationship between Deland Global Learning Services and TutorPro."




Sherri Beltz, Saul Ewing LLP:

"I had the pleasure of working with Marion on an online Hummingbird DM course for our TutorEnterprise site. Marion was not only a pleasure to work with but she was also hardworking, driven to perfection and was always available when I needed her most. It was a pleasure to work with someone as committed to satisfaction as Marion."

Carol J. Gerber
Director of Learning and Professional Development, Moses & Singer, LLP

"Our firm retained Marion Deland to provide floor support in connection with our rollout of InterAction, a CRM program, over a period of several weeks.  Marion was clearly an expert in the new program, and we found that her calm and confident "deskside manner" helped our secretarial staff adapt quickly to a new way of working.  Marion knew what had to be done; she took charge of the assignment and kept us informed of her progress and identified potential areas for follow up.  Marion's involvement in our upgrade was a key component of its success."

Last modified: 04/28/08